is a new proposal, based on ancient Italian traditions.

We create unique products, made in Italy with first class quality material and we are working to develop and turn our business into a recognised   brand name, in order to offer high quality products crafted by the latest artisans of our country.

 We care deeply about art, craft and comfort. We believe in making unique products, for those who want to live as individuals and not only as consumers motivated by the imposed fashion of the moment.

We are truly enthusiastic and we dream of creating products as unique as the people who are going to wear them.

The new typology of cufflinks SeeBORN is a symbol of preciousness and elegance, easy to put on by yourself and comfortable while wearing. In order to wear the cufflinks we have created a new type of cuff for the shirt,whereas  for the shoes a specific support has been made to slip on the cufflinks easily.

 We promise you’re going to love it.